File of Life Emergency Medical Form

Healthcare  |  April 7, 2020

Download Emergency Medical Form (Legal Size) HERE

Download Emergency Medical Form (Letter Size) HERE

A message from the Health Care Committee:

One of the projects that we worked this past season in conjunction with the Town of Palm Beach Fire Rescue department was to develop a means by which first responder EMT’s who were called upon to assist one of our residents could obtain certain vital information about the resident that would enable EMT’s to start appropriate treatment and communicate vital information before transport to and arrival at an area hospital emergency room. In cases of emergency, access to this vital information allows the Fire Rescue professionals to ascertain key pieces of information about your health status, your medications, and other important data that can accelerate the delivery of care in cases of emergency.

Although your participation is completely voluntary and the information you include on the form entirely discretionary, we and our first responders hope that you will take the time now to complete the form and store it as suggested above. It is our hope that none of our members or our town EMT’s will ever need to use the form, but in cases of emergency, it may prove to be that access to this important information accelerates appropriate medical care.


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