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Town Council Election – Vote on March 12, 2019

Mayor Gail Coniglio – Unopposed

Town Council President – Unopposed

Group 2 Town Council Seat

Incumbent: Julie Araskog

Challenger: Rene Silvin


Mayor, Town Council President Unopposed; Julie Araskog & Rene Silvin Vie for Seat

It’s official: incumbent Julie Araskog and challenger Rene Silvin will face off in the March 12 election for the Group 2 Town Council seat.

Theirs was the only race to emerge from Tuesday’s Town Caucus. About 100 people attended the hour-long town meeting at Town Hall.

Mayor Gail Coniglio and council President Danielle Moore, whose two-year terms also expire in March, were each nominated for new terms without opposition.

Candidates must be nominated for a particular seat or office and their nominations seconded twice to be eligible to run for office.

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2018 Midterm Election Results

Winners are in Bold

U.S. Senator
Rick Scott (R) 4,073,436   50.2%
Bill Nelson (D) 4,039,001 49.8%

Ron DeSantis (R) 4,051,715   49.7%
Andrew Gillum (D) 3,996,384   49.0%

Attorney General
Ashley Moody (R) 4,206,577   52.3%
Sean Shaw (D) 3,698,644   46.0%

Chief Financial Officer
Jimmy Patronis (R) 4,126,477   51.9%
Jeremy Ring (D) 3,825,499   48.1%

Commissioner of Agriculture
Matt Caldwell (R) 4,000,819   50.1%
Nicole Fried (D) 3,983,882   49.9%

Circuit Judge

Circuit Judge 15th Judicial Circuit, Group 13
Scott Kerner 244,704   54.3%
Alcolya St. Juste 205,987   45.7%

Circuit Judge 15th Judicial Circuit, Group 18
Maxine Cheesman 262,953   59.0%
Marybel Coleman 183,072   41.0%

Circuit Judge 15th Judicial Circuit, Group 25
Michael McAuliffe 187,611   41.8%
Sarah Willis 261,569   58.2%

Circuit Judge 19th Judicial Circuit, Group 19
Robert Meadows 144,245   60.3%
Nirlaine Smartt 95,108   39.7%

Constitutional Amendments

To pass, a constitutional amendment must receive 60% of the vote.

Constitutional Amendment No. 1: Property tax exemption
Yes 4,522,431   58.1%
No 3,262,656   41.9%

Constitutional Amendment No. 2: Property tax limits
Yes 5,115,946   66.5%
No 2,579,241   33.5%

Constitutional Amendment No. 3: Gambling
Yes 5,624,93   71.5%
No 2,247,212   28.5%

Constitutional Amendment No. 4: Felon voting
Yes 5,097,372   64.5%
No 2,808,557   35.5%

Constitutional Amendment No. 5: Supermajority for taxes
Yes 5,122,546   65.8%
No 2,667,035   34.2%

Constitutional Amendment No. 7: First responder benefits
Yes 5,105,267   65.8%
No 2,657,129   34.2%

Constitutional Amendment No. 9: Offshore drilling, vaping
Yes 5,362,159   68.8%
No 2,428,263   31.2%

Constitutional Amendment No. 10: Elected local officials
Yes 4,809,426   63.2%
No 2,800,934   36.8%

Constitutional Amendment No. 11: Property rights
Yes 4,638,268   62.1%
No 2,829,970   37.9%

Constitutional Amendment No. 12: Ethics changes
Yes 6,063,186   78.9%
No 1,620,195   21.1%

Constitutional Amendment No. 13: Dog racing
Yes 5,355,606   69.0%
No 2,407,369   31.0%

County Judge Group 4
Allegra Fung 208,509   47.0%
Ashley Zuckerman 235,458   53.0%

Palm Beach Schools Question

Palm Beach schools question — Increase special property tax?
Yes 370,959   72.3%
No 142,189   27.7%


2018 Midterm Primary Election Results

Primary Winners for Florida on Palm Beach Ballots

U.S. Senate [R]
Rick Scott

Governor [R]
Ron DeSantis

Governor [D]
Andrew Gillum

Attorney General [R]
Ashley Moody

Attorney General [D]
Sean Shaw

Agriculture Commissioner [R]
Matt Caldwell

Agriculture Commissioner [D]
Nikki Fried

State Senate District 30 [D]
Bobby Powell

State House District 89 [R]
Mike Caruso

State House District 89 [D]
Jim Bonfiglio

Port of Palm Beach Group 5 [D]
Joseph Anderson

Circuit Court 15 Seat 13*
Scott Kerner 41%
Alcolya St. Juste 38%

Circuit Court 15 Seat 18*
Maxine Cheesman 41%
Marybel Coleman 32%

Circuit Court 15 Seat 25*
Sarah Willis 40%
Michael McAuliffe 34%

Palm Beach County Judge, Group 5*
Sara Alijewicz 52%

Palm Beach County Judge, Group 4*
Ashley Zuckerman 30%
Allegra Philipa Fung 23%

*In the judge races, if no one got 50% of the vote, there is a runoff between the top two vote getters in the General Election in November. In this primary, Sara Alijewicz is the only judge candidate that got 50% of the vote or higher so she won’t have a runoff.  All other judge races will have a runoff on Nobember 6, 2018. 

Vote by Mail (Absentee Ballot)

Any qualified Palm Beach County voter is entitled to vote by mail ballot. A mail ballot may be requested in person at one of the Supervisor of Elections offices, in writing, over the telephone or by completing the online application at the Supervisor’s website. Telephonic, written or facsimile requests should be directed to:

Supervisor of Elections
P.O. Box 22309
West Palm Beach, Florida 33416-2309
Telephone: (561) 656-6200
Facsimile: (561) 656-6220

When requesting a vote by mail ballot, the voter must provide the following information:

· Name
· Residence address
· Address where the ballot is to be mailed*

*Effective Jan. 1, 2014, a request for a ballot to be mailed to an address other than the voter’s address on file in the Florida Voter Registration System (FVRS), must be in writing and signed by the voter. Absent uniformed service members and overseas voters are exempt from this requirement.

· Date of birth
· Local Telephone Number
· Out of Town Telephone Number
· Voter’s signature

Notify the elections office immediately should your residence or mailing address change.


Precinct 1390, 1392
Address: 165 N COUNTY RD

Precinct 1394, 7154
Address: 355 S COUNTY RD

Precinct 7156, 7158, 7166
Address: 2185 S OCEAN BLVD

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