Our Committees

The important work of the Palm Beach Civic Association is done by its committees. Directors and members volunteer to achieve the goals of each committee.

Palm Beach Civic Association Committees

Additional committees may be formed during the season to address community issues that arise. Civic Association committees meet regularly at the call of the chair throughout the season. Members who cannot attend in person may participate through telephone conferencing. Some committees are more active than others depending on current affairs. Committees not addressing timely town issues will be placed on stand-by status.

Committees on Community Issues

Chaired by Civic Association Director Jeffrey Levitt

Health Care Committee

This committee works to improve the health care available to Palm Beach residents. The group monitors local medical institutions and educates the public on relevant health care issues.

Chaired by Civic Association Director Harvey L. Poppel

Strategic Planning Forum

This forum considers potentially transformative issues that may impact the Town of Palm Beach in the future.

Chaired by Civic Association Director Jack Borland

Palm Beach County Committee

This committee addresses Palm Beach County issues that affect the Town of Palm Beach. The group works with the Palm Beach mayor on specific areas of concern, engages in the annual County budget process, and seeks to build productive relationships with County Commissioners and staff.

Chaired by Civic Association Director Robert Holuba

Port of Palm Beach | Peanut Island Committee

This committee works closely with the “Save Our Inlet” Coalition, the Town of Palm Beach, and the Palm Beach mayor to address Port of Palm Beach, Palm Beach Inlet, and Peanut Island issues.

Chaired by Civic Association Director David Duffy

Public Safety Committee

This committee works to maintain the highest levels of public safety for Palm Beach residents. The committee addresses public safety issues and seeks to build positive relations between Town residents and police and fire rescue employees.

Chaired by Civic Association Director and Treasurer Pat Cooper

Tax and Finance Committee

This committee monitors the Town’s finances, reviews the Town’s annual budget, and makes informed recommendations for improving the Town’s financial condition.

Chaired by Civic Association Member John David Corey

Town Beautification Committee

This committee undertakes projects that enhance the beauty of Palm Beach and cooperates with other community organizations that seek to beautify the Town. The committee selects the winner of the Town Beautification Award and presents the award at the Association’s Annual Meeting each year.

Chaired by

Environmental Committee

Chaired by Civic Association Director Llwyd Ecclestone

Transportation Committee

This committee addresses traffic and parking issues, bridge construction, West Palm Beach traffic congestion and other transportation-related concerns affecting the Town of Palm Beach.

Operating Committees

Chaired by Civic Association Chairman Bob Wright

Executive Committee

This committee meets monthly throughout the season to set Civic Association policy, oversee the work of the staff and the committees, and address the major issues facing the community. (Executive Committee members are elected by the Civic Association Board of Directors).

Chaired by Civic Association Director Michele Kessler

Fund Raising / Development Committee

This committee raises funds to underwrite Civic Association activities and programs. The group plans and produces the Civic Association’s annual fund raising dinner and awards luncheon, and advises the vice president on fund raising strategies.

Chaired by Civic Association Director Brian McIver

Marketing & Membership

This committee works with the vice president to develop and implement the Civic Association’s marketing and membership programs.

Chaired by Civic Association Director William Matthews

Raymond J. Kunkel Committee

This committee selects recipients of the Civic Association’s Raymond J. Kunkel Award given each year to an individual or group that renders heroic and/or meritorious service to the Palm Beach community.


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