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West Palm Announces Drinking Water Quality Report

The Town of Palm Beach purchases all of our water from the City of West Palm Beach. On Sunday, West Palm Jeri Muoio announced the latest Annual Water Quality Report* in the WPB Insider Newsletter.

From Mayor Jeri Muoio:

The City of West Palm Beach is pleased to present the latest Annual Water Quality Report.* It contains important information about your drinking water.

I’m proud to report that in 2017 the City of West Palm Beach had no water related health or safety issues.

This report shows our water quality results and what they mean. Our drinking water continues to receive high marks from monitoring agencies. In fact, our drinking water was recognized as being one of the best tasting drinking water in Palm Beach and Broward Counties by the American Water Works Association in 2017.

More information can be obtained from the EPA at the Safe Drinking Water Hotline by calling (800) 426-4791.

The City of West Palm Beach continues to move forward with the construction of the ultraviolet disinfection and powdered activated carbon treatment systems at the Water Treatment Plant that will provide safer and even better tasting water.

I invite you to carefully read the next few pages. They provide information on the high quality of our drinking water. For public participation, bi-weekly City Commission meetings are held in the City Hall Commission Chamber on Mondays beginning at 5:00 pm at 401 Clematis St. West Palm Beach.

Thank you for being a valued customer. If you have any questions call (561) 822-2222.

Jeri Muoio
City of West Palm Beach


Click Here to See the Report (PDF)

*Note: The report was published in May 2018 and announced by West Palm Mayor Muoio on July 8.

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