UPDATE 8-1-2019 4 PM: Beaches Now Open in the Town of Palm Beach

R. Michael Brown  |  Beaches & Intracoastal  |  Our Town  |  August 1, 2019

The Town of Palm Beach sent a news release out at 4 PM today saying that the beaches are now open.

Click Here to See the News Release (Town of Palm Beach)

Original Story:

Over the last four weeks Lake Worth Beach has been closed for swimming twice because of bacteria in the water.  Now it’s in the ocean in the Town of Palm Beach.  Both Midtown and Phipps Ocean Park have red No Swimming flags up.

See the Civic Association Video for the Original Story Above

According to lifeguards a test Tuesday evening came back from the state Department of Health showing an unsafe level of bacteria in the ocean at Midtown so they closed the beach for swimming this morning for the day. Phipps Ocean Park was closed later

The presence of enterococci bacteria is an indication of fecal pollution, which may come from storm water runoff, pets and wildlife, and human sewage.

The test results came back with a high Enterococci Level of 180, so the department issued a water quality advisory. The Health Department considers this a potential health risk to the bathing public.

Town officials told the press that they have no idea where the bacteria is coming from; but, it’s not from the town.

Lifeguards told the Civic Association that it’s safe to be on the beach, just stay away from the water.

Testing will continue daily until the water is cleared to be reopened.


Florida Health Palm Beach County – Health Advisory for Palm Beach Municipal (Florida Department of Health News Release)

Palm Beach closes Midtown Beach and Phipps Ocean Park beach after high bacteria levels found (Palm Beach Daily News)



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