UPDATE 7-23-2019 10 AM: Tropical Depression Passes By the Town of Palm Beach

R. Michael Brown  |  Beaches & Intracoastal  |  Our Town  |  July 23, 2019

UPDATE 7-23-2019 10 AM: Tropical Depression #3 passed by Palm Beach at about 5 AM this morning. It is staying offshore and moving away from the area so the predictions for rainfall from it have dropped to 0%.

However, the front moving south and northwest and west winds from the storm later today may draw the usual Everglades and western community showers into Palm Beach from the west. Chance of rain this afternoon is 60 – 70%.

Radar Now 7-23-2019 10AM

Radar Now 7-23-2019 10AM

Hurricane Season Forecast Update

“It’s quiet in the tropics & nothing is expected to develop for at least the next 5 days,” said Philip Klotzbach, meteorologist at Colorado State University specializing in Atlantic basin seasonal hurricane forecasts. “That’s not unusual. Historically, 85% of tropical storms, 91% of hurricanes and 95% of major hurricanes occur after August 1st. We have a long way to go.” [@philklotzbach]

Peak Hurricane Season

Peak Hurricane Season

Sunday, Mr. Klotzbach tweeted: “Ensemble model prediction for #ElNino has trended cooler for Aug-Oct. Majority of models are now calling for neutral conditions for Aug-Oct (peak of Atlantic #hurricane season). Typically, El Nino reduces Atlantic hurricane activity through increases in vertical wind shear.”

Hurricane Season ends November 30.

Click Here to See Detailed Updated Forecast from Colorado State University


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