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Membership Matters March 18, 2020

Transition at Town Hall

On behalf of the Palm Beach Civic Association,

We extend our congratulations to our new Town Council President, Maggie Zeidman.  Palm Beach is extremely fortunate to have such great accomplished leaders, both individually and collectively, serving our Town Council.  Maggie takes on her new Council role with the unique advantage of having served as President Pro Tem and learning a great deal from Danielle Moore who has been  such a fine leader for the Council and for our community.  We salute Dani’s long standing and ongoing commitment of Public Service and the role of giving back to others.  Her extraordinary attributes exemplify to our Town and residents her ongoing commitment to all.  Serving and giving back is in Danielle Moore’s DNA and we thank her for the extraordinary example that she has demonstrated to our Town and its residents.

We are grateful to President Maggie Zeidman for the role that she has played with Palm Beach Civic Association’s  Public Safety Committee over the years and especially during this time of COVID 19, where ones health and safety is of utmost concern. Through Maggie’s expertise in the health care field she has demonstrated and facilitated critical leadership decisions in keeping us safe. We salute Maggie’s leadership and the work of our entire Town Council.

We extend our congratulations to our new President Pro Tem Bobbie Lindsay, a former Palm Beach Civic Association Director, Council member, and longtime island resident who cares greatly about our environment and well-being.

We at the Palm Beach Civic Association hold our Mayor, Council Members and Town Employees in the highest regard. We look forward to continuing our role as an advocate and convener to our great Town and leaders always.

Bob Wright, Chairman and CEO
Mary Robosson, President

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