Town of Palm Beach After Iguanas

R. Michael Brown  |  Our Town  |  Public Safety  |  July 19, 2019

The Town of Palm Beach is asking property owners to assist in dealing with iguanas.  A new webpage has been setup covering the following topics:

  • Iguanas in Palm Beach
  • What is a Green Iguana?
  • Deterring Iguanas
  • Removing Iguanas
  • Links to Resources

Iguana Management and Removal Services will be added in the future.

In a news release sent by the town, it said, “The Green Iguana is considered to be an invasive species to Florida and can be a pest to property owners. This lizard can cause damage to property and spread disease through their fecal matter.

Florida does not recognize iguanas as a protected species, except by anti-cruelty laws. This allows for several ways to deal with iguanas, some of which include humane harassment, habitat modification, or capture and removal. Hanging wind chimes that make noises, hanging CDs or other items that have reflective surfaces, and spraying these lizards with water are effective and humane harassment methods. Changing the habitat that is attractive to iguanas is also a great deterrent. By removing foliage they consume and prefer for nesting, along with filling holes used for burrowing, your property will be less inviting. Lastly, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission encourages property owners to capture and remove iguanas whenever possible, but iguanas cannot be relocated and released.

The Town will soon begin removing iguanas from the Par 3 golf course and other public places. We strongly encourages private property owners to do the same.”

Trapping is the most common way to remove an iguana. Trappers usually don’t need to use bait because the big lizards can’t see the traps or snares for what they are.  The traps are placed along usual travel routes like seawalls.  If bait is used it’s usually overripe fruits and vegetables.  See videos below:

Trapping an Iguana with a Cage [32 sec.]

Trapping an Iguana with a Snare [33 sec.]

Click Here to See the Town Iguana Webpages

Iguana Brochure

Iguana Brochure. Click Image to see the full brochure from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission


Palm Beach OKs hiring firm to trap and remove green iguanas
Palm Beach Daily News

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