Palm Beach TV – September 3, 2020

Our Town  |  September 3, 2020

Get the news that is important to you from Palm Beach TV. September 3, 2020 edition.

Palm Beach County moves to Phase Two, Maggie Zeidman on Phase Two, Update from Dr. Dodson, Rosarian Academy dealing with COVID, and more.

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  • Consistent with the Town’s ongoing efforts to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection transmission, per Emergency Order No. 2020-04 the Town has decided to close all public beaches (guarded and unguarded) and public access points during the Labor Day weekend (September 5-7). Phipps Ocean Park (except for Tennis Center) as well as the green spaces adjacent to Mid-Town Beach will be also be closed on these dates.
  • Considering the fact that Labor Day weekend traditionally attracts very large crowds of beachgoers, the decision to close the beaches was made to avoid “super spreader” events.
  • Public beaches will reopen on Tuesday, September 8, under limitations outlined in Palm Beach County Executive Order Number 20-06.

  • 121 confirmed cases in the Town of Palm Beach: 5 deaths.
  • 46,536 confirmed cases in Palm Beach County, with 1,167 deaths.
  • 684,527 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the State of Florida, with 11,800 deaths.
  • 6,135,976 confirmed cases in the US, with 186,382 deaths.
  • 26,123,176 confirmed cases worldwide, with 864,907 deaths.
  • Palm Beach branded car magnets with the message – “Social Distance, Wear a Mask” – are available for residents and may be picked up at the Mandel Recreation Center, Town Hall lobby or Al Fresco at the Par 3 Golf Course. Help use spread the message and get your car magnet while supplies last.
  • Palm Beach County approved Emergency Order Number 20-20 REQUIRES masks or face coverings to be worn by all persons while visiting or working in any businesses, establishment or residential buildings. This includes, but is not limited to, restaurants, retail establishments, hotels, grocery stores, gyms, pharmacies, indoor recreational facilities, houses of worship, government buildings, multifamily buildings, and vehicles for hire.
  • Face coverings MUST also be worn by all persons in outdoor public places where social distancing of 6 feet or more is not possible.
  • The types of masks that are acceptable, include cloth, surgical, dust, and N95 masks without vents. Masks with vents or exhalation valves are not acceptable, as they allow unfiltered exhaled air to escape.
  • The CombatCOVID app is the Official COVID-19 notification and information app of Palm Beach County Government, which was funded through the CARES ACTS. The app is free for users to download from the Apple or Google Play stores “Combat COVID PBC”.
  • HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: If a person tests positive, they must enter the information into the app. The app then uses Bluetooth to detect other phones that passed within 6 to 13 feet within the past 14 to 21 days. If the app determines the phones were in contact long enough to be a risk, it sends an alert warning that the person may have been exposed.
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