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Palm Beach TV January 14, 2021

Palm Beach TV – January 14, 2021

Get the news that is important to you from Palm Beach TV. January 14, 2021 edition.

Vaccinations move forward, how does President Trump becoming citizen Trump affect the Island. Town Council update, Word on Wellness and more.

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  • 383 confirmed cases in the Town of Palm Beach: 12 deaths.
  • 101,107 confirmed cases in Palm Beach County: 2,012 deaths.
  • 1,612,813 confirmed cases in the State of Florida: 23,759 deaths.
  • 23,071,056 confirmed cases in the US: 384,464 deaths.
  • 92,313,199 confirmed cases worldwide: 1,977,893 deaths.


  • Online registration is now open for the new Covid-19 vaccination waiting list for Town of Palm Beach residents age 65 and older. PLEASE CLICK ON THE NEW LINK BELOW TO ADD YOUR NAME TO THE LIST.
  • Names will be added to the waiting list in the order of registrations received. Please be prepared to provide a valid email, phone number, residential Town address and your birthdate (must be at least 65 years old). Proof of residency will be verified through a government-issued ID with a town address or an official piece of mail with a Town address and a picture ID with a matching name.
  • Once you are registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email advising you of your number in the queue and will be contacted once additional vaccination appointments are available. Please do not contact the Town to check on the status of your place in the queue. We will reach out to registered residents next in line once appointments are available, but there are no guarantees of future appointments.
  • Please note that you DO NOT need to sign up to be on the new waiting list if you’ve already received your first vaccination from the Town. Those who have received their first dose from our Fire-Rescue Department will be contacted about scheduling their second dose appointment.
  • The Town’s goal is to vaccinate as many people as fast as we can, but there continues to be a supply issue. We know that there is a much higher demand for vaccines than we currently have in supply so will continue to submit requests to the County until every resident who would like to get vaccinated receive the Covid-19 vaccine.
  • Because we cannot guarantee the delivery of additional vaccine supply, residents are encouraged to call or email the Palm Beach County Health Department at 561-625-5180 or to get on their list for an appointment at a County vaccination site. You should also check with your doctor or pharmacy to see if they will be providing vaccines and veterans should check with their local VA to see if appointments are available there.
  • If you are successful in securing vaccinations from someplace other than the Town’s Fire-Rescue Department, we request that you email us at to advise us to remove your name from the waiting list.

Add Name to the Covid-19 Vaccination Waiting List
Visit the Town’s COVID-19 Webpage