Palm Beach Mayor and Police Chief Say Enough is Enough

Tim Malloy  |  Our Town  |  Public Safety  |  September 9, 2019

Does openly carrying a high powered semi automatic weapon through the streets of Palm Beach constitute a violation of the law or is it a protected 2nd Amendment Right?
That is the perplexing question that has prompted the Town’s Mayor and Police Chief to call for help from Tallahassee.
Speaking at the Town Council, Chief Nick Caristo said while members of the group ‘ Florida Carry’,which walked into town packing what are essentially weapons of war, may be honoring the ‘letter of the law’ , they are certainly violating the ‘spirit of the law’.

Palm Beach Police Chief has teamed with Mayor Gail Coniglio to address what they consider a profound safety issue .

They note that these semi automatic weapons must remain at least 1500 feet from schools, places of worship, protected beaches and government buildings.
‘ Florida Carry’ has taken advantage of a law that allows usually prohibited weapons to be carried when the weapon owner is engaged in fishing, hunting and camping expeditions.
The Mayor and the Chief have reached out to State Senators Powell and Caruso to lobby for a change in the law.

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