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Studio 33480

Our Town with William Kelly: Civic Association’s Studio 33480 to take a closer look at Palm Beach

On Thursday, the Palm Beach Civic Association will debut Studio 33480 – an in-house video production that will delve deeper into local issues and tell the rich and varied stories of the people who make up the fabric of our unique island town.

The show will appear every other Thursday on the civic association’s website, A link to each episode will be sent to everyone on the association’s email list.

Hosts Wendy Rutledge and Christina Nicholson will interview government and civic leaders and others from many corners of the local and larger communities.

Rutledge and Nicholson also will continue to present news and features on Palm Beach TV on alternating Thursdays.

Rutledge said Studio 33480 will broaden the reach of the civic association’s communications team while providing a more intimate lens through which to view newsmakers and captivating people.

“It’s another way we can share the richness of the community – one person at a time,” she said. “There are so many people here with fascinating backgrounds, who have neighbors who have also accomplished something astounding. We know the audience is going to love it.”

Studio 33480 also presents a new avenue for the civic association to highlight the important work of its Executive Committee and 16 standing committees, whose members volunteer their time and expertise to focus on issues important to life in Palm Beach.

This week Judy Goodman, chairwoman of the Healthcare Committee, will examine the rising cost of prescription drugs. David Duffy, chairman of the Public Safety Committee, will talk about the importance of community policing on the island.

“This gives us the opportunity to take a deeper look at the issues and get to know people a little better, because we are sharing these stories in a different way,” said Nicholson, who interviewed Duffy and Goodman.

The studio is within the civic association offices in the Paramount Theatre building, 139 N. County Rd. Producer Philip Baldwin designed a warm, intimate setting reminiscent of a radio show or podcast.

Studio 33480 has been in development for nearly a year but was delayed until recently because of difficulties obtaining the necessary equipment through the international supply chain, Baldwin said.

“This first iteration of it is working as it’s supposed to,” Baldwin said. “We will refine it as we go forward.”

Mary Robosson, president of the civic association, said Studio 33480 is one more example of how the organization is always looking for new and greater ways to keep its members and the public informed.

“At the core of the civic association is a constant readiness to serve the town and community,” she said.

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