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News Brief: Palm Beach Civic Association gears up for engaging Welcome-Back Community Forum

The Palm Beach Civic Association is launching its 80th anniversary season with a Welcome Back Community Forum on November 7, from 10 a.m. to Noon, at the Mandel Recreation Center.

Civic Association Chairman Michael Pucillo and Mary Robosson, president and chief operating officer, will welcome guests and update them on the Civic Association’s stellar lineup of programs and forums for the 2023-24 season, and reflect on the important work of the Civic Association over the past 80 years.

Town Council President, Margret Zeidman, will deliver an update on important town issues.

The keynote speaker for the forum is Sean S. Suder, who is assisting town leaders in mapping out the future of Palm Beach. Suder is the town’s leading consultant regarding the island’s review and reform of its zoning code, which impacts everyone in Palm Beach and has been identified by the Town Council as a top priority.

“The zoning code is the implementation of the vision and planning in the community,” Suder said, adding “The zoning code and the regulation need to reflect that vision of the community in the plan. It affects every aspect of town from residential streets to intersections, and all aspects of development in the entire town of Palm Beach, this affects everyone who lives, works, and recreates in Palm Beach.”

This conversation is particularly timely and critical as Palm Beach faces increased development pressure and concerns from residents about overbuilding, loss of character, and traffic.

Guests attending the forum will have the opportunity to ask specific questions of Suder and Council President Zeidman.

Suder is the lead principal and founder of Cincinnati-based ZoneCo and has worked on zoning code projects for more than 30 communities across 17 states.

Complimentary valet parking will be offered.


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