New Laws that are in Effect in Florida as of October 1, 2018 

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The following are new laws that are in effect in Florida as of October 1, 2018. Click on the law for more details.

Source: Florida Trend Magazine

CS/CS/SB 376: Workers’ Compensation Benefits for First Responders
Workers’ Compensation Benefits for First Responders; Providing that, under certain circumstances, posttraumatic stress disorder suffered by a first responder is an occupational disease compensable by workers’ compensation benefits; specifying that benefits do not require a physical injury and are not subject to certain apportionment or limitations, etc.

CS/CS/SB 1576: Animal Welfare
Animal Welfare ; Requiring specified entities that take receivership of lost or stray dogs or cats to adopt written policies and procedures to ensure that every reasonable effort is made to quickly and reliably return owned animals to their owners; authorizing a court to prohibit certain offenders from owning or having custody or control over animals; revising the ranking of offenses on the offense severity ranking chart of the Criminal Punishment Code, etc.

CS/HB 55: Sale of Firearms
Sale of Firearms; Requires FDLE procedures to allow payment or transmittal of processing fees for criminal history checks of potential firearms buyers by electronic means; provides that criminal history check requests may be made by electronic means.

CS/HB 135: Motor Vehicle Registration Applications
Motor Vehicle Registration Applications; Requiring the application for motor vehicle registration to include language indicating an applicant is deaf or hard of hearing; requiring such information to be included in certain databases; providing for distribution of a voluntary contribution to Preserve Vision Florida, etc.

HB 523: Trespass on Airport Property
Trespass on Airport Property; Provides enhanced criminal penalties for trespass upon operational area of an airport with specified intent if specified signage is posted.

CS/HB 961: Beverage Law
Beverage Law; Authorizes malt beverage distributor to give branded glassware to vendors licensed to sell malt beverages for on-premises consumption; requires that glassware bear certain branding; provides an annual limit on amount of glassware distributor may give to vendor; prohibits vendor from selling branded glassware or returning it to distributor for cash, credit, or replacement; requires manufacturers, importers, distributors, & vendors to maintain certain records.

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