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New Flood maps out from FEMA in 2021

New FEMA Flood Maps

The flood maps for Palm Beach Island has been revised for the first time since 1982. There are a lot of changes, especially  in the interior of the island elevations. Where new technology more accurately measures elevations.


Follow the directions below. The link to the maps will open in a new tab.

The new Palm Beach County flood maps are here.

flood map step 1
Click layer cake menu in top left corner

flood map step 2
Click on “All Others” bottom of dropdown menu

flood map step 3
Choose “2019 Changes Since Last FIRM”

flood map step 4
Type in your address in the search bar

flood map step 5
Click on legend button to see what the colors on the map mean

flood map step 6
You can move around the map or type other street addresses in the search bar