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Harvey L. Poppel LRP Business Workshop Presentation

Long Range Planning Committee Chair Presents to Town Business Workshop

Harvey L. Poppel, a Civic Association Director and Chairman of the Long Range Planning Committee, presented an interim report on the business community to the Town of Palm Beach Business Workshop today.

Mr. Poppel explained the results of a Civic Association Residential Survey about the business community in town. The purpose of the survey was to find out if  the town’s business community suitably contributes to its residents’ future quality of life.

For an overwhelming majority of Palm Beachers, the town’s business community is an important contributor to their quality of life. Most respondents see the major redevelopments of Royal Poinciana Plaza and Royal Poinciana Way as quite positive. A sizable majority see the continuing health of the Worth Avenue and South County Business Districts as important. Looking ahead, a strong majority of respondents prefer a more robust town business community. Attracting more visitors is important to achieving a more sustainable business community.

In addition, Mr. Poppel presented the work the Long Range Planning Committee has done so far on the future of business in the Town of Palm Beach. “By the mid-2030’s, changing consumer behavior, e-shopping, technological innovation, and continuing West Palm Beach development will impact the ways Town of Palm Beach businesses interact with their customers. The town government has begun to address specific issues which have challenged local businesses.  Newer technologies can help businesses prepare for emerging developments and ensure Palm Beach has a suitable complement of durable businesses.”

PBCA-LRP Future Business Interim Report FINAL 01-29-19 PDF


Palm Beach leaders envision more vibrant business climate in town  (Palm Beach Daily News)

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