Letter from Town Manager, Kirk Blouin, and Chief of Police, Nicholas Caristo

Our Town  |  January 15, 2021

To the Community of the Town of Palm Beach,

Over the last four years, you have admirably endured the increased attention and changes that accompany having the President of the United States residing part time in your midst.  Your flexibility and continued support of your Police Department and other Town staff in handling this attention and these changes will forever be appreciated.  We are aware that many of you have questions about the upcoming transition of Presidential powers and how the community will be affected, and we are thankful for your patience as we adjust to this change.

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, we expect Secret Service to have a final road closure near Mar-a-Lago. The road closure will last several days for safety and security reasons.  Beyond this, we do not foresee any future road closures related to the presence of a former President.  We have diligently trained and are prepared to respond to any immediate security concerns that a Presidential or former Presidential presence brings through ongoing threat assessments, and we will continue to do so with our Federal, State, and local law enforcement partners.  We actively develop and share intelligence with our partners, and should there be occasional disruptions to the community’s routines, rest assured we will keep you well informed and, more importantly, safe.

On a final note, Palm Beach Police Department wants to remind everyone that your safety is our primary goal in everything we do, and that we cannot accomplish this alone.  We rely on you for information, input, and concerns, because without you our view is limited.  As we have been apt to say, if you see something, say something.  Our greatest asset is, and has always been, our relationship with you, and together we can keep Palm Beach safe, secure, and the best place to live and work.

Kirk Blouin, Town Manager

Nicholas Caristo, Chief of Police

To view an official copy of this letter, please click here.

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