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Breaking News: COVID-19 cases on the rise


This in from the Palm Beach Civic Association…

Palm Beach TV has learned that 26 new Covid-19 cases have been reported in Palm Beach and two new deaths in the last week.

It is a development that Council President Maggie Zeidman is calling ‘alarming’ and the most significant surge in cases since the crisis began in March.

The report comes in as the Town’s population is swelling to peak seasonal numbers and as town leaders are urging residents and guests to avoid close contact with others and to wear masks.


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  • The United States saw over 1.1 million new cases over the last 7 days – a 9.3% increase from last week. Cases in the State of Florida increased 5.8% and Palm Beach County increased 5.0% over this same period. New cases in the Town of Palm Beach increased at a rate of 11.6% since last Monday (outpacing the county, state, and the U.S.) and two more of our residents have tragically succumbed to the virus.
  • As of 4:30 PM today (11/30), the following cumulative COVID-19 data was provided by the Florida Department of Health. Please also note that reporting on COVID related deaths can be extremely delayed and should not be used as a week to week comparative metric.

o Town of Palm Beach: 250 cases (increase of 11.6% or +26 cases from 1 week ago) and 12 deaths.
o Palm Beach County: 65,011 cases (increase of 5.0% or +3,094 cases from 1 week ago) and 1,694 deaths.
o State of Florida: 999,319 cases (increase of 5.8% or +54,574 cases from 1 week ago) and 18,834 deaths.
o United States: 13,492,101 cases (increase of 9.3% or +1,142,658 cases from 1 week ago) and 267,600 deaths.
o Worldwide: 63,089,305 cases (increase of 6.9% or +4,085,074 cases from 1 week ago) and 1,465,067 deaths.