COVID-19 State of Emergency – Special Town Council Action March 19, 2020

Our Town  |  Public Safety  |  March 19, 2020

The Town of Palm Beach Town Council has just passed a Declaration of the Existence of a State of Emergency, for the next 60 days, to May 12, 2020. This give the Chief of Police the authority to the following:

• Impose a Curfew: This has already been done, curfew hours 9 pm to 6 am.
• Ban sale of alcoholic beverages
• Ban people from meeting in public places
• Ban public assembly (large groups)
• Prohibit sale or possession of flammable liquids, except gasoline
• Prohibit the carrying of portable containers of gasoline.

So far, the Chief of Police Nicholas Caristo has only imposed a curfew. Today’s Council action gives him the authority to go further, as described above.
Councilwoman Maggie Zeidman warned Council members and all staff listening to the meeting that we will experience a “rapid descent into hell” if we do not stay home to reduce transmission of COVID-19. Zeidman, who has a strong medical background, said the CDC is predicting we, the United States, are 10 to 14 days behind Italy, and will see a similar tragic situation, if we don’t take immediate action to stop its spread.


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