Chaired by Civic Association Director David Duffy

Public Safety Committee

This committee works to maintain the highest levels of public safety for Palm Beach residents. The committee addresses public safety issues and seeks to build positive relations between Town residents and police and fire rescue employees.

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Public Safety Committee Members

  • David Duffy – Chair
  • Skip Aldridge
  • Mike Bellisle
  • Warren Belmar
  • Nick Caristo
  • Ed Carter
  • John Cregan
  • Darrel Donatto
  • Jerry Frank
  • Suzanne Frisbie
  • Nathan Gantcher
  • Chris Goldberg
  • Kevin Lamb
  • Howard Leach
  • David Mack
  • Hillie Mahoney
  • George Matthews
  • Bill Meyer
  • Tim Moran
  • Bob Nederlander
  • Linda Olsson
  • Al Parvin
  • Michael Reiter
  • John Scarpa
  • Chris Storkerson
  • Bob Wright
  • Ted Cooney

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