Chaired by Linda Beaty and Dragana Connaughton

Environmental Beautification Committee

This committee provides education and resources on native plants, alternatives to toxic fertilizer and pesticides, and encourages recycling and the elimination of single use plastics. The committee will recommend projects that promote a cleaner environment, and enhance the beauty of Palm Beach. The committee selects the winner of the Town Beautification Award and presents the award at the Association’s Annual Meeting each year.

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Environmental Beautification Committee Members

  • Linda Beaty – Co-Chair
  • Dragana Connaughton – Co-Chair
  • Suzanne Ainslie
  • Christine Aylward
  • Laurel Baker
  • Bill Bone
  • James Borynack
  • Peter Broberg
  • KT Catlin
  • Gail Coniglio
  • John David Corey
  • John Cregan
  • Susanne Durst
  • India Foster
  • Nelo Freijomel
  • Bradley Hoek
  • Lisa Interlandi
  • Michele Kessler
  • Sally Kimball
  • Susan Lerner
  • Lynne Levin
  • Bobbie Lindsay – Town Council
  • Karen Marcus
  • Nicki McDonald
  • Brian McIver
  • Margo McKnight – Palm Beach Zoo
  • Pat McLaughlin
  • Bill Metzger
  • Harriet Miller
  • Carrie Murray
  • Deborah O’Kain
  • Linda Olsson
  • Margi Picotte
  • Miguel Rosales
  • Jane Lindsay Scott
  • Sue Strickland
  • Bob Swanson
  • Paul Van der Grift
  • Mary Watkins
  • Bob Wright


Native Replacements for Ficus Hedges

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