Civic Association’s Re-Usable Shopping Bag Program a Great Success

R. Michael Brown, Civic Association Communications Director   |  Civic Association  |  March 3, 2018

The Civic Association Reusable Bag Program offers a friendly way to discourage shoppers from using plastic bags, which are harmful to marine life and the environment.

The association along with Oxbridge Academy students handed out all 2,000 bags by 2:30 PM on Friday at the Town of Palm Beach Publix.

Mayor Gail Coniglio was on hand to promote the Go Green program.

“The Civic Association has a long-term commitment for improving the quality of life in the Town of Palm Beach,” said Brian McIver, Chairman of the association’s Marketing Committee. “That means protecting our environment, protecting our beaches, and it became very apparent to us over the last couple of years that a risk to all this are the plastic bags being distributed through the grocery stores.”

As the reusable bags were being distributed to very willing shoppers, Mr. McIver reminded everyone to not forget the bags at home or in your car.  Bring them into the store and use them to “make our island a more ecologically sound place.”

Mr. McIver said it would furnish more reusable bags in the future if shoppers were responsive. It was so successful the Civic Association is planning to have the next event before the end of the season at the Palm Beach Publix.

WPTV Video [39 sec.]



Students at Publix in Palm Beach share ‘greener’ way to shop (Palm Beach Daily News)

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