Civic Association Director Diana Barrett Throws Block Parties to Save Lives

Wendy Rutledge  |  Healthcare  |  Our Leaders  |  Public Safety  |  September 12, 2019

Palm Beach Civic Association Director and Healthcare Committee member Diana Barrett received some well-deserved acknowledgement and gratitude from the Town’s Public Safety Committee.  Ms. Barrett was recognized at Monday’s meeting by Fire Rescue Chief Darrell Donatto. He praised Barrett for spearheading the project to bring CPR education into the homes of her Palm Beach neighbors.  So instead of a Tupperware or Avon gathering, Diana Barrett hosts neighborhood block parties where the theme is learning CPR and the operation of AED machines.

“Diana Barrett has been such a partner with us, and such a go getter to get this done”, said Chief Donatto.  He added, “We think it’s going to really take off this season and we’re excited about what it’s going to do for the level of safety in this community”.

Palm Beach Civic Association Director and Chairman of the Healthcare Committee Jeff Levitt says Barrett’s CPR and AED training program fits perfectly with the overall mission of the Healthcare Committee, to promote public health education.  “The technology and training have drastically changed over the past 20 years, and the trainers through the Town of Palm Beach are outstanding”, according to Levitt.

With the average age of Palm Beach residents being 68, learning these skills can be potentially very valuable. Our congratulations again to Diana Barrett for her continued contributions to the health and welfare of our town.

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