header directors and members


Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Butler
Charles Dana
Pepe Fanjul, Jr. and the Fanjul Family
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kessler
Nedenia C. Rumbough
Stanley H. Rumbough
Mrs. Stanley M. Rumbough, Jr.
Kathryn and Leo Vecellio, Jr.
Bob and Susan Wright


Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Ainslie
Linda and A.P. Skip Aldridge
Mr. and Mrs. Christian J. Angle
Mr. and Mrs. E. William Aylward
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ballantine
James M. Ballentine, Jr.
Fred and Lisa Barbara
Lisbeth R. Barron
Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Beaty
Warren and Anita Belmar
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Bleznak
James R. Borynack
Dr. David Breneman and Dr. Donna Plasket
The Honorable Nancy G. Brinker
Peter and Beverly Broberg
Philip M. Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Callahan
John K. Castle
Mark W. Cook
John D. Corey and Miguel Rosales
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Cregan
The Marvin H. Davidson Foundation, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Michael T. B. Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Dreyfoos
Frances and Kenneth Eisenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Engelberg
William B. Finneran
Frances and Jeff Fisher
Gwen Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Flagg III
Miriam Flamm
Lynn A. Foster
Stephanie T. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Austin T. Fragomen
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Frazier
Mary and Mark Freitas
Cynthia Friedman
W. Bradford and Susan Keegan Gary
Mr. and Mrs. David Harrison Gilmour
Christopher and Juliana Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Gould
Donald and Allison Gulbrandsen
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart J. Haft
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Healey
Deborah Hearst
James G. Held
Robert J. Holuba and Susan Furman
Mrs. Philip Hulitar
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Jacobi
Eric Javits Family Foundation
Sonia and Paul Tudor Jones
David H. Koch
Kevin T. Lamb
Sir Geoffrey and Lady Sylvia Leigh
Paul N. Leone
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Levitt
Garrison duP. Lickle
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lickle
Ellen Liman
The Honorable George G. Matthews
Bonnie McElveen-Hunter
Patricia A. McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. S. Christopher Meigher III
Robert A. Meister
Denise and William A. Meyer
Donald and Patricia Mintmire
Alicia and Tim Mullen
Tony and Patricia Myura
Linda R. Olsson - Linda R. Olsson, Inc., Realtor
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. O'Malley
The Honorable Mary M. Ourisman
Mary Alice Pappas
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Parven
Edwin and Linda Phelps
Gabriela and David Porges
Deborah and Michael Pucillo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rampell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reiter
Gerald and Elaine Schuster
Nancy and Jeffery Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Sorgenti
Susan Sosnick
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Storkerson
Susan O. Taylor
Dom and Susan Telesco
Norma and Bill Tiefel
The Van Buren Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Van der Grift
James A. Weiner

SUSTAINING ($250 - $499)

Ruth C. Abramson
Joseph and Annette Allen
Stephen and Madeline Anbinder
Mr. and Mrs. John Andrica
Andrew J. Armstrong
James Y. Arnold, Jr.
Phyllis Aronson
Mr. and Mrs. Harris J. Ashton
Melinda Bass
Florence and Sheldon Berney
Wendy Bingham
Penny and Harold Blumenstein
William B. Blundin
Susan C. Borchardt
Steve and Camilla Brauer
Mrs. Gordon L. Brekus
Mr. and Mrs. Victor L. Brizel
Donald A. Burns Foundation, Inc
Dr. and Mrs. Earl Campazzi
Annie Cardelus and Tim Jones
The Rev. and Mrs. Michael E. Carlisle
Edward Michael Carney III and Lisa Marshall Carney
Rose Carpenter
Marcia Mulford Cini and William L. Cini
Dr. Carmel and Mrs. Babette Cohen
Barbara and Fred Colin
Stanton Collemer
Mrs. Bradley Collins
Frank and Gail Coniglio
Dragana Connaughton
Gail Cooke
Mazie Cox and Brinkley Thorne
Myrna and John Daniels
Stephen and Jennifer Dattels
Margaret M. Dean
Joseph DeFina
William J. Diamond
Margaret Donnelley
Mr. and Mrs. Willis H. Du Pont
Vince and Mary Jo Elhilow
James and Amelia Gaye Engel
Mr. and Mrs. Augustine Falcione
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Fanjul
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence T. Fell
Shirley A. Fennell
Marjorie Fink
Congressman Mark Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Frankel III
Richard and Connie Galley
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester B. Gardiner
Sandy and George Garfunkel
Jennifer Garrigues
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Garvey
Patricia and Martin Goodstein
William B. Greene and Dr. Linda Latimer, MD
Mai Hallingby Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Hanley
Dr. Terry Hickey
Judith and Roger Hochstin
Illustrated Properties LLC
Vivienne Felberman Ivry
Lucille M. Jacobs
Sylvia James
Michele Jehle
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kafrissen
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Kassatly
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Kelly
John M. Kindred
Mary Ann and Harvey Kinzelberg
Jeannie and Gerald Kligman
Paulette Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kozloff
Susan Oberg Lane and Bob Lane
Ann Laurilliard and Charlie Tapper
Mr. and Mrs. Francis LeCates
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lehman
Mrs. Claire M. Levine
Martin Levine
Stephanie and Larry Levy
Janet and Mark Levy
Joyce M. Lichtenbaum and Susan B. Lichtenbaum
Derek and Nicole Limbocker
Mark G. Locks
Vicki and Arthur Loring
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Maltese
Barbara and Morton Mandel
Mrs. Bernard A. Marden
Ms. Linda Marino
Dan and Sheila McDonnell
William and Sheila McHenry
Thomas and Catalina Miller
Danielle Hickox Moore
Valerie Moore
Virginia and Alfred Morgan
Marisa and Peter Neckles
George Norcross
Barbara Nurenberg
Anne Obolensky and Robin E. Owens
The Honorable Terrence O'Donnell and Margaret O'Donnell
Deborah and Dennis O'Kain
Sheila Palandjian
Richard and Susan Palmer
Dr. and Mrs. David F. Paulson
Mercedes Paz
Warren and Barbara Phillips
Barbara Picower
Helen and Robert Pilkington
Steven N. Rappaport and Judith A. Garson
Erick and Lady Susan Reickert
Mrs. Eugene Ribakoff
Mr. and Mrs. C. Brooks Ricca, Jr.
Dr. Annette Urso Rickel
William and Marcia Rickman
Ruby S. Rinker
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Ritman
Frank Rizzo
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Rogers
Sean Rooney
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Rooney
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Rosow
Natalie J. Saeger
Irvin Saltzman and Robin Saltzman
Don and Karen Schefmeyer
Rita and Joseph B. Scheller
Mr. and Mrs. Alfons J. Schmitt
Gary and Terri Schottenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schroeder
Irina Sedelnikova
Mr. and Mrs. Enrique F. Senior
Myron P. Shevell
N. Ronald and Ruth Silberstein
Diane and Thomas Silver
Sandy and Jill Sirulnick
Ira and Sydell Smith
Carol Anne and John Stiglmeier
William Strawbridge and Carole Ruhlman Strawbridge
Ms. Jeanette Sublett and Mr. Langdon Neal
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Sullivan
John and Anne Surovek
Linda Taub
Mr. and Mrs. William Henry Told, Jr.
William A. Torrey, Sr.
Joyce and Clother H. Vaughn III
Christopher and Tara Vecellio
Tamara and Bruce Watkins
Belle Winston
Mrs. Charles B. Woodall, Jr.
Polly Wulsin
Leslie and Wayne Wytrzes
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zeidman

PREMIER BENEFACTOR ($10,000 - $24,999)

Mr. Stephen Brown and Ms. Jamie Stern
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Duffy
Diana and Llwyd Ecclestone
The Frisbie Family
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Furlaud
Mr. and Mrs. Ian H. Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Jordan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney A. Kohl
Terry Allen Kramer
Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Kravis
Ambassador and Mrs. Howard Leach
Robin and Jocelyn Martin
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Matthews
Thomas Peterffy and Lynne Wheat
Mr. and Mrs. E. Burke Ross, Jr.

LEADERSHIP ($1,000 - $2,499)

William and Nina Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Alger III
James J. Bauman
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Beyer
BFE Corporation
Ellen H. Block
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Bottorff
Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer
Deborah A. Bricker
The W. Dale Brougher Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Browne
Barbara M. Bryant
Cornelia and Stewart Clifford
Kim and Payson Coleman
Christopher and Margaret Condron
Christopher and Susan Cowie
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph N. Del Deo
Edith R. Dixon
Don and Irene Dizney
Dr. and Mrs. David Dooley
Paul and Susan Efron
Joan K. Eigen
Kristen Kelly Fisher
Marjorie and Stephen Fiverson
Andrew Forsyth and Kelly Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Frankel
Bertram and Carole French
Vere and Susan Gaynor
Stephen and Arlene Genatt
Jeffry Giangrande
Mary and Jay Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Goldman
Dr. and Mrs. J. John Goodman
Susan and Peter Gottsegen
Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr.
Stanley and Kay Graber
Audrey and Martin Gruss
Mr. and Mrs. S. Matthews V. Hamilton, Jr.
Mrs. Edward A. Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harrington
Cornelia and Ralph Heins
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Herbert
Dennis F. Hummel
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hunt
Patricia Jehle and James Reidy
Henni and John Kessler
Sandra and Jeremiah Lambert
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Lazzara
Mr. Thomas H. Lee and Ms. Ann Tenenbaum
Isabelle R. Leeds
Pat and Howard M. Lester
Mrs. Winslow M. Lovejoy, Jr.
Mary Alice Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. May
Nicki and David McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Michel, Jr.
Donald K. and Priscilla C. Miller
Hermé de Wyman Miro
Mr. and Mrs. George Moffett II
Stephen Murray and Muffie Bancroft
Gail Nessel
Rochelle Ohrstrom
William C. and Joyce C. O'Neil Charitable Trust
Richard and Janice Pagliari
Barbara and Jerry K. Pearlman
Lynn and John Pohanka
Phyllis Pressman
Monika and John Preston
Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Pryor
Thomas C. Quick
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Rayner
John and Sheila Rinker
Leslie Rose
Tanner and Ross Rose
Lyn M. Ross
Deborah and Charles Royce
Vickie Scheuer
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schuster
Herb and Barbara Shear
Richard and Virginia Simmons
Mollie and Frank Slattery
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Smith
Dan and Mary Stanton
F. Quinn and Jean Stepan
Brenda Neubauer Straus
Lynne Tarnopol
Mr. and Mrs. Royall Victor III
Delores and Stephen Wolf

LEADING BENEFACTOR ($5,000 - $9,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Rand V. Araskog
Christina and Robert Baker
Diana Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Belton
Howard B. Bernick and Judy Nathan Bronfman
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Borland
Rita and Charles Bronfman
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Cohon
Leslie and Elizabeth Daniels
Susanne and Douglas Durst
Kathleen Fisher
Alice and Nathan Gantcher
Bernard and Sarah Gewirz
Judith and Rudolph Giuliani
Mrs. Norman P. Goldblum
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Goodman
Jeff and Mei Sze Greene Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ira Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Reuben B. Johnson
Sondra and David S. Mack
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Mack
Hildegarde E. Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. Burt Manning
Brian and Pamela McIver
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Meyer
Harriet L. Miller
Sydell L. Miller
The David Minkin Foundation
Robert E. Nederlander
Mr. and Mrs. James Patterson
Pauline Pitt
Daniel E. Ponton
Lee and Harvey L. Poppel
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Ross
Richard and Barbara Rothschild
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sambuco
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Scarpa
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shiverick
Harold B. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew K. Smith
Beverly Sommer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stiller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Swanson
Robert J. Vila
Edward and Karen Watkins
Joyce and Erving Wolf

GUARDIAN ($500 - $999)

James C. and Dorothy Alban III
Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Andrews
Marcia and Eugene Applebaum
Laurel T. Baker
Mr. William Bartholomay
Gene and Nancy Beard
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Bertles
Mr. Philip Bilden
Margaret S. Bilotti
John and Elena Brim
J. Gary and Dawn Burkhead
Cristina B. Condon
J. Michael and Mary Anne Cook
Christine and Alan Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Dettmer
Bonnie and Donald Dwares
Lisa and Sandy Ehrenkranz
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Fitzgerald
Audrey and James Foster
Peter and Patty Garvey
Michael and Patti Gayda
Linda Glazer
Walter Glennon and Belinda Kielland
Susan Gordon Guttman
Leonard and Fleur Harlan
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Haruvi
Mardi and Gregory Hayt
Heather and Patrick Henry
Dr. Peter N. Heydon
Hon. Harris N. Hollin and Mrs. Sande Hollin
Mrs. Richard S. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Kamin
Jayne T. Keith
Jorie Butler Kent
Robert Alan Lewis
The Honorable and Mrs. Earle I. Mack
Erin and Tom Manning
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Matthews
George and Adele Merck
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Omtvedt
Mrs. Alice Z. Pannill
Nancy and Michael Peacock
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Pizzagalli
Charles S. and Sarah Roberts
Nancy and Bill Rollnick
Carol and Joe Rosetti
Howard M. Rudolph and Julie Rudolph
Margaretha W. Rumbough
Mrs. Stanley M. Rumbough, Jr.
Kay T. Segerdahl
Frank E. Shanley
Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Shipley
Marlene and Martin Silver
Gilda Slifka
Jeffrey and Eileen Small
The Honorable Lesly S. Smith
Mrs. Page W. Smith
Caroline B. Sory
Maureen and Wayne Squibb
Mr. and Mrs. John Stepan
Louise H. Stephaich
Sandra and Evan Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Swan
Bruce and Robbi Toll
Richard D. Triggs and William S. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Vittoria