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Town selects 42 'Centennial Ambassadors'
anniversary bannerCivic Association Directors among "Ambassadors":
- Alexander W. Dreyfoos
- Sidney A. Kohl
- George G. Matthews
- William M. Matthews
- Doyle Rogers
- Stanley M. Rumbough Jr.

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In Memoriam: Jeanne P. Habicht

The officers, directors and staff of the Palm Beach Civic Association acknowledge with deep appreciation the exceptional life of Jeanne Habicht. Jeanne was loved and respected in the community.

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Laddie Murrell Awarded Town Employee of the Year

"I want to thank God. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here," Mr. Murrell said at the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce breakfast where the award was announced. "I want to thank the Town of Palm Beach. I want to thank my co-workers — Dwayne Taylor, Tony Higgins, Paul Brazil. They've been with me all the way. And the residents of Palm Beach. It's so wonderful for this. I'm so glad to be here."

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