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First Case of Non-Travel Related Zika Diagnosed in Palm Beach County

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Mosquito control officials have twice been to the home of a Palm Beach County resident with a non-travel case of Zika virus and believe there is “very, very low potential” the person was infected locally or has passed on the virus to mosquitoes in the neighborhood.

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Travel Ruled Out in Florida’s 2 Suspected Cases of Local Zika Infection

Zika Virus

Florida epidemiologists have ruled out travel as a possible source for two Zika infections — one in Miami-Dade and one in Broward — suspected of being the nation’s first cases transmitted by local mosquitoes, State Surgeon General Celeste Philip said Tuesday during a meeting with Gov. Rick Scott and health officials.

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Zika Virus Fast Facts for Palm Beachers

Zika prevent mosquito bites

By Michele Dargan, Special Report from the Civic Association. See the Fast Facts below to learn the latest about the Zika Virus and what you can do to prevent infection.

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