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The Town of Palm Beach engaged Patterson & Dewar Engineers, Inc. to develop an independent, technical peer review of the “Town‐Wide Undergrounding of Utilities Master Plan” completed in April 2017 by Kimley‐Horn and Associates.

The Civic Association paid $50,000 toward the peer review, which was half of the total cost.

Patterson & Dewar examined the project scope and identified the following areas of focus for evaluation:

  • Program Management and Delivery Method
  • Costing and Applicability of Opinion of Probable Cost
  • Scheduling and Sequencing
  • Planning and Engineering Design
  • Traffic Impacts

The peer review sought to address specific “charge questions” posed by the Town and examined the project’s approach and design consideration, the Master Plan, scheduling, sequencing, phasing, the probable cost of construction, and the overall plan for executing the project.

Patterson & Dewar’s Final Peer Review Report and other associated documents are available for the Public view and download on this page:

Click Here for Peer Review Information and Documents