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Mayor Gail Coniglio is working hard for the Town in Tallahassee. Lots of meetings scheduled this week with Governor Rick Scott and members of the State Legislature to discuss concerns regarding pending bills that may negatively affect Palm Beach and the town's ability to self-govern.

The Town is actively tracking bills that are under consideration by the Florida State Legislature that would potentially have a negative impact on “home rule.” which is the ability for the Town to govern itself at the local level. 

The Palm Beach website now has a list of the proposed bills with links to the pages on the State Legislature’s website, as well as contact information for the Palm Beach Legislative Delegation and links to the pages for the members of the House and Senate who have sponsored the legislation (click on the names). 

Residents are encouraged to contact their representatives and/or the proposers of these bills to voice their concerns about the negative consequences they’ll have on our ability to self-govern.

In the photos below: Town Lobbyist, Mat Forrest, State Representatives Hager, La Rosa, and Boyd, State Senator Jeff Clemens

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Photo: Town of Palm Beach via Town Facebook & Twitter feeds

Palm Beach Sees ‘Aesthetically Horrible’ Outcome if Wireless Law Passes

Fearing an aesthetic disaster, the town has declared a moratorium on applications to place wireless telecommunications equipment on public property and in public rights of way.

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