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The Civic Association received a memo today from the Town of Palm Beach Police about Town Residence ID Cards. The cards are used to gain access back on the island after a hurricane, NOT to gain access to, or through, Mar-a-Lago's Security Zone during Presidential visits.  See below:

TOWN OF PALM BEACH POLICE -- The Palm Beach Police Department strongly encourages residents without a state issued identification card to obtain a Town of Palm Beach Resident Identification Card.  For employees that work on the island, we ask that you obtain a Town of Palm Beach Voluntary Identification Card.  These cards are beneficial in getting back onto the island after a hurricane.  

The identification cards will NOT allow access through the security check points around Mar-a-Lago associated with Presidential visits.  ONLY residents living within the security zone will have access.      
The Out of State Town of Palm Beach Resident Identification Card Program is designed to assist our Out of State residents/owners/lease holders to gain access to the Island after a storm event. This is NOT a Resident Card. You must have a government issued photo identification card. Applications can be obtained online at www.palmbeachpolice.com.  Look for the How Do I button.  Then look for question #6 on the list.  There you will find the forms to download and fill out.  The form needs to be completed before bringing it to the police department's Crime Scene/Evidence Unit located in the lobby of police headquarters.

The Town of Palm Beach Voluntary Identification Card Program was instituted in response to a demand from the community for help in verifying the identity of prospective employees. This form is also available online at www.palmbeachpolice.com.  Look for the How Do I button and then look for question #7.  When applying for a voluntary I.D. card, bring the completed notarized application form signed by your employer and your driver’s license, passport or State I.D.

• Renewal of your Voluntary I.D. card must be done in person with the completed notarized application and $15.00 fee by cash or check.
• The production hours are Mon - Fri 10:00AM - 2:00PM at the Palm Beach Police Dept., 345 S. County Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480. Phone: 561-838-5454.
• All Voluntary I.D. cards are valid for two years.