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Bob Wright: "Keep at it" During Autism Speaks Walk

This year’s Autism Speaks Palm Beach Walk happened in downtown West Palm Beach and the event drew thousands of people to the waterfront and raised money for medical research to help families with children on the autism spectrum.

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Palm Beach Public Safety Director Speaks to Issues Surrounding Presidential Visits

By Michele Dargan, special for Civic Association News. Director of Public Safety Kirk Blouin wants residents to know that his department – along with other federal, state and local agencies – are working diligently to solve traffic gridlock and other issues arising out of President Donald Trump’s visits to Palm Beach

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VIDEO: Wilbur Ross Swearing in for Secretary of Commerce Today

WASHINGTON — The Senate confirmed Wilbur L. Ross, a former Civic Association director, as Commerce Secretary on Monday.  Mr. Ross is a key leader for the Trump administration’s plans to overhaul trade deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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