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Political Races and Ballot Questions Set for November 8

Presidential Election 2016

By Michele Dargan, A Civic Association Special Report.  In what many are calling the most contentious presidential election in history, the November 8 ballot pits Democrat Hillary Clinton, a career politician and the first woman at the top of the ticket, against Republican political newcomer and part-time Palm Beach resident, Donald J. Trump.

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Congress Approves $1.1 Billion in Zika Funding

Mosquito Map

Congress late Wednesday approved federal funding that will provide $1.1 billion to fight the Zika virus, along with money necessary to keep the government running through Dec. 9.

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Town of Palm Beach Zika Task Force Meets

Paramount Theatre

The Zika Task Force in the Town of Palm Beach met this week at the Civic Association Community Room and progress is being made on public education and the treatment of mosquito breeding areas in town.

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Pregnant Women Anxious as Florida’s Zika Test Results Take Weeks

Pregnant Women

So many pregnant women have taken advantage of Florida’s offer of free Zika testing that state laboratories have been unable to keep pace, doctors and patients say, leading to long delays for women anxious to know whether the virus has passed to their fetuses.

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