Know the Facts About PUD-5


Town Councilman Michael Pucillo leading PUD-5 Walking Tour

Town Councilman Michael Pucillo leading PUD-5 Walking Tour

Palm Beach residents need to know the facts when they vote Tuesday, March 25th on the PUD-5 ordinance to preserve Royal Poinciana Way.  The existing zoning, CTS (Commercial Town Serving), on Royal Poinciana Way encourages a strip-mall style of development that would destroy the Main Street character of the street.

Under the new PUD-5 ordinance approved by the Town Council, existing buildings that contribute to the historic and architectural character of Royal Poinciana Way could not be demolished.

New buildings would not be allowed unless they enhance that character.

The current zoning does nothing to preserve the Main Street character and protects only one existing building from demolition.

The emotional argument by a few that PUD-5 would result in a development with too many apartments similar to CityPlace is simply not supported by the facts.

Model Bank Bldg w=400The 33 apartments that exist now could only increase to 39 apartments (49 with underground parking) if property owners develop under the new ordinance. The maximum lot size for a PUD-5 project is only 1.5 acres with 30 percent of the land required for public open space.

The Town Council is offering a unique opportunity to preserve our historic Main Street on Royal Poinciana Way.

Town Councilman Michael Pucillo and Bob Moore, former Town building official, took interested parties on a successful tour of the Royal Poincana Way area to point out the meaning of the ordinance and the differences between CTS zoning and the optional PUD-5 zoning. See the 12 Min Highlight Video Below:

Civic Association Walking Tour [12 min. highlights]

The tour took an hour and a half and great discussion and questions were posed by the public.


Third Civic Association PUD-5 Walking Tour Video [57 min.]


Special Reception on PUD-5 with Guest Speaker Michael Pucillo at the Four Seasons March 12 [40 min.]

2 Important Documents, that expain the PUD-5 Design Guidelines and the Contributing Building Report, were brought up several times during the tour. Click on the links below to download these PDFs from the Town’s Planning and Zoning Dept.

PUD-5 Design Guidelines – by Mouzon Design (Town of Palm Beach)

Contributing Building Report: The Historic Character of Royal Poinciana Way by Jane S. Day, Ph.D (Town of Palm Beach)


Civic Association Analysis of the Issue

Click the documents below to download the PDF files:


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